Family Cycling Tour from Brussels to Bruges

Brussels to Bruges: I answer your questions about our trip: – The service, like last year, was excellent. Everything organized and explained in detail, greatly facilitating the enjoyment of our holiday. – Travel between Spain, Belgium and France was perfect, without any problems. – Selected hotels, all very good. – All instructions, such as route guidance were perfect. The maps weren´t really needed, plus they were somewhat difficult to interpret on the bike, but the guide provided by the agency to follow the route allowed us to follow the path very easily. What I would like to comment, although I know you have not had anything to do, is that the plastic supplied by the agency to hold the maps or route guides wasn´t particularly useful as we had to stop frequently to reposition it. If I could comment that this does not happen to future users of this route with this agency, it would be the only improvable point. – As for the advice, which appeared in their instructions provided they seem perfect to enjoy the route. Again, congratulations for the excellent organization before and during our trip, both the previous year with Route Danube, and this year in Flanders. We hope that next year the circumstances allow us to travel again. In that case, we will not hesitate to get in touch with you. Thank you very much