River Danube, from Passau to Vienna

Danube Ride: If arriving into Munich and interested in cars then book a trip round the BMW car factory – its awesome. Great advice from Mel – there’s a group ticket available from Munich to Passau on the train – just over €30 for a group of 5. There’s also a group ticket available from Munich Airport inc the city centre for about €23 – bargain!

Everything went like clockwork from the moment we arrived in Passau, the hotel had all the info packs, tickets and bar bags waiting – everything down to the bus tickets to go and pick up the bikes.

The bikes were perfect, the gears worked well. One bike did develop a problem with a pedal but included in the pack are 4 vouchers for repair at local bike shops. We called in one and in 10 minutes we were back on the road with new pedals. If disaster strikes there’s even a hot line to get road side assistance – we didn’t have to use it though.

Bag transfers were great – all the work done for us. Some hotels were up out of the valley in the hills – the hotels sent a minibus and trailer to pick everyone up and if required, drop off the morning after. Food was great – we pre-booked all evening meals which made life easy.

We were very lucky with the weather, not the best forecasts but only got a soaking on the last day and most of the time we spent in the sun (mid June). Mel provided plenty of tips and looked after our arrangements very well.