River Danube: Passau to Vienna

River Danube: Passau to Vienna: This is the second trip that Mel has sorted for us and this year was no different from last, brilliant organisation! We cycled the Danube from Passau to Vienna in 3 days. Having just come back I would recommend doing it in 4 as it was a wee bit heavy going (maybe that was just me). Its over 200 miles and has some fantastic scenery. There were 8 of us, 7 on road bikes (not easily available, we had to order from Vienna and have them delivered to Passau) If it’s touring bikes you’re after then Mel can get these sorted easily, delivered to the hotel in Passau and simply dropped off at the last hotel you stay in (in our case Vienna).

We stayed in 4 different hotels, 3 and 4 star, all good quality with breakfast and dinner. When we arrived at the hotel we were all given loads of information bags that fit on the handlebars so that you can look at the map as you go along, tips of what to look out for, places to visit etc. We had a lot of this information already sent by email before we departed but this provides even more info whilst you are en route including all the hotel vouchers, ferry crossing vouchers etc. The food was all really good especially after a day in the saddle. If you have any special dietary requirements these can all be catered for. Mel also sorts out baggage transfers so you only need to carry the minimum during the day. You pack your bags before you set off and they are there at the destination hotel when you arrive. He will also plan a route for you to take. Ours was a particularly good route as it’s by the river so relatively flat so very little climbing.

If you want to take a hassle free cycle trip this is the way to go. Just bring your legs and he’ll do the rest (apart from the actual cycling bit) He’s keen cyclist himself so understands what people want in that respect. We will definitely be using his services in future.