Tour Report: Tandem Bike Tour of Sardinia

Tandem Bike Tour of Sardinia, December 2017

In December 2017, Fatima and I did a tandem bike tour of Sardinia. We visited the island to check out part of the tour that we offer there (Cycling Tour of Sardinia). We couldn’t do the whole route, as our partners on the island don’t provide tandems for hire, but they put us in touch with Mauro at Bike Tours Sardinia, who was able to set us up with a very good “bicycle made for two”. To avoid any hassles with transporting the tandem, rather than starting from San Salvatore Sinis and finishing in Pula (as our published tour does), we started and finished our tour at Mauro’s home base in Sardara.

Rain was forecast, but we were very lucky that the majority of it fell overnight and, although the skies were often overcast, we actually enjoyed a lot of bright spells and temperatures that reached double figures on most days.


From Sardara we headed west to connect with our published tour in Arbus. Leaving Arbus, we followed the “official” route (pretty much) all the way to Pula. After Pula (where the tour usually ends) we carried on to Cagliari and from there we rode to Sardara, to return the bike.

  • Day 1: Sardara to Portixeddu – 61 km – 760 m of climbing.
  • Day 2: Portixeddu to Portoscuso – 50 km – 1000 m of climbing.
  • Day 3: Portoscuso to Sant’Anna Arresi – 64 km – 760 m of climbing (plus 18 km on ferries).
  • Day 4: Sant’Anna Arresi to Pula – 59 km – 640 m of climbing.
  • Day 5: Pula to Cagliari – 33 km – 140 m of climbing.
  • Day 6: Cagliari to Sardara – 63 km – 285 m of climbing.

Tandem Bike Tour of Sardinia - Route

Tandem Bike Tour of Sardinia: Map of Route
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The first four legs, from Sardara to Pula, were lovely. The roads were generally quiet and in very good condition. There were a few tough climbs, but the views were always worth the effort. During those legs, we were following the route provided by our partners in Sardinia, so can only share them with clients booking the official tour.

The last two legs, from Pula to Cagliari and from Cagliari to Sardara, were based on our own studies of Google Maps and Wikiloc. You can see those routes (edited to take out the wrong turns!) on Wikiloc at:

This route is only recommended for experienced cyclists who are very confident in fast traffic (especially after km 24).

This route used quiet roads and tracks, including some narrow single track between Cagliari and Assemini. (After heavy rain, some stretches of single track would probably be impassable on anything other than a mountain bike.) The route passed through some lovely little towns and villages.

We would definitely recommend only riding these routes between Pula, Cagliari and Sardara if you have no other option.


Tandem Bike Tour of Sardinia, Day 1

Tandem Bike Tour of Sardinia, Day 2

Tandem Bike Tour of Sardinia, Day 3

Tandem Bike Tour of Sardinia, Day 4

Tandem Bike Tour of Sardinia, Day 5

Tandem Bike Tour of Sardinia, Day 6